Welcome To Ross and Bob's Islands Around the World!

WINTER 1998 Edition

To make it easier to get around, we bought a small chain of Magical Islands for you to tour, starting here on our Main Island and offering you some trips to other nearby Magical Islands where more information can be found. Please take time to visit all our islands, but don't get lost..it may be a while before we send out a rescue team to find you!

To begin your journey, board one of our boats and sail to ISLAND OF THE PALMS where you will be entertained (maybe) with personal information about us!

Next, take short canoe ride to the ISLAND OF THE MUSHROOMS. Here, link to sites about nature, art and weather.

A hot air ballon will drift you to the ISLAND OF CHATTER where you drop in and meet people on other islands around the world. Here you find links to chat programs, free eMail and search engines and a few other interesting things to help you connect with others.

The last island we bought is FANTASY ISLAND. Here you arrive in a rainbow paradise with links exclusively for our gay visitors. We have a number of favorite places, including chat programs, resource directories and yes, even a few links to pages with pictures.

We hope you have enjoyed our Magical Islands, boats and hot air balloons. We are pleased you selected our Magical Island tour for you vacation plans and sincerely hope you come back and visit us again. We are already planning to be building more on each island very soon. Bob has his eye on a few nearby deserted islands, so you can be sure that it won't be long before we grow. We don't want our islands to get too crowded - we all like to find a private beach every now and then!

Just in case you care, you were visitor number to our Islands!

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