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Welcome To Clara's True Story
My name is Clarann, My birth was on or around 10/17/42, in lower Michigan I spent a short time living in Birmingham, Michigan with Dr.Wolf and his family. Then I was sent to Lansing, Michigan to the Children's Home until the age of four, when I was sent to the Pontiac, Michigan's Children's Village. Then, on to Clarkston, Michigan, where I lived in a foster home on Clarkston and Baldwin Road. From there I went to a foster home in Commerce, Michigan to be adopted. The adoption was never finished or confirmed. The Probate Judge in Oakland County, Michigan will not release any information to me. tell me this!". He said, "You would better off not knowing anything at all than to know whatever is in your files". I said to him "Walk a mile back in my life, then tell me this!". There is nothingin my file that could ever possibly hurt me, not after the way I was hurt for 17 years of my life.". And I want my real Mother, Father and family to know that I love them, no matter what the reason they had for giving me up. My birth name was Clarann. My last name may have been Richards or Richardson, or even Richard. The nurse who took care of me was Mrs. Hill, who now lives somewhere in the upper part of Wisconsin. I will be posting a picture later, of when I was four years old. I have hired four attorneys in the past 18 years, who have gotten nowhere, but sure got my money! I am living with a big gap in my life right now, not knowing who I am or where I came from. It's the not knowing that hurts so much. Do I have a sister, brother, aunts, mother or father out there somewhere looking for me? I am registered with every place that I know of. I have even written to "Unsolved Mysteries", the Governor of Michigan, and to Probate Court of Oakland County, Michigan. They all want to help, but I get the same old thing, Nothing! I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this story of mine, and I want to say to all of you who are in the same spot as I am: "Never give up hope" and "Never stop looking!"  -  I need no protection from my biological origins. I am not a child, nor am I unable to determine what is best for me. What I need is the truth,and the power to control my own life. What I need is the ability to free myself from the shame, secrecy, and lies of my adoption. I was raised in a small red brick house in Lowerstraights Lake, Commerce MI. I was Adopted, but some how it seems that it was never final. Just Some of the things that I had to endure, in my 17 years living with and adopted father and mother, then a stepmother, isn't very pretty to tell. Punishment took a wild turn in my life back then. Sitting in a dark closet at the young age of 5, for hours at time. and never knowing why or what I had done wrong. Being molested from 5 until the age of 12 when I had a miscarriage at 3 months along, and yes it was my adopted father. I ate from a dog dish in the basement where I spent most of my days, sleeping on bedsprings. It was so very cold and damp down there. They would give me a bath in the sink with cold water and a scrub brush. I picked berries in my bare feet until they bled. My father would take a be-be gun and shoot at my feet if I was too slow. I was anemic from not eating everyday. Have you ever eaten paper towels? I spent some time in wheelchair from the beatings I took by my Adpoted Father, from the hose off the washer, My Grand Parents knew of all this and never tryed to help me. I would fall asleep in school, which I had to walk 2 &1/2 miles every day to and from . So many other things went on, and no one to tell , and no on woul believe me back then anyway Well now I am 56, and 12 grandchildre and 1  great grand child I have met so many wonderful friends here on the Internet who keep me encouraged to keep looking I live from day to day, hoping and praying that I will meet m real parents or someone from my real family. And I know Down Deep in my Heart that m Real Mother Loves Me and is Looking for me to!! I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this story o mine, an I want to say to all of yo who are in the same spot as I am "Never give up hope" and "Never stop looking! From time to time it gets Very hard for me, Thinking that I can't go o with Life, But I know that I will, and that I must, In order to hel someon else, who has endoured much worse than I have To help save someone haveing the thoughs I used to have With Gods Love, and Friends, I am here today to tell the World There is a reason I am still Here But I think all in all it has made me a more Understanding Passionet, Loveing, and Careing Person, who is now filled with a Real Love for Life !
Please Do not weep or Feel Sad for me! For I Have made it through Life this far, and I am still Alive and I Thank God for that.
We all experience things in our lives that we feel we just simply cannot handle. Sometimes the weight seems too much to bear, but God never puts more on you than you can handle although you may FEEL that there is. You have people who love you and want to help you by praying for you and those you love! 
  (Author Unknown:)
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