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Each October is breast cancer awareness month.

this ribbon is here permanently
in honor of
a woman I never knew but who will always be
very special to my sister-in-law, Jessi.
I have learned to treasure what I have in my life because of what these two women shared.

Serenity born of confidence
Beauty created in a boundless soul
Joy expressed by an abundant heart
Passion lived everywhere, always

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My on-line name, Calliope, comes both from the Muse of Epic Poetry and the powerful yet tiny hummingbird that nests in the Rocky Mountains and Sierras. I find this identity to be deeply appropriate. Like the Muse I am a writer and story teller. A natural communicator bringing images and emotions to life with words. And although I have grown up in the northeast, I was born in the mountains of Colorado. More on these amazing creatures appears on my hummingbird page.

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As I mentioned, I am a communicator: instinctively creative but not always artisitic. The graphics on the pages of this site are contributed by the gifts of others, and I hope you will take the time to visit the sites of these talented artists

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