"What is an Angel? A glorious guardian, a bearer of blessings, a messenger, a muse, a miracle maker."

Angels have been a source of enchantment since ancient times. Humans looked to them for inspiration and guidance long ago and continue to do so today. Whether they are saving lives or revitalizing the spirit, angels remain constant companions and helpers in a harsh world. At this page, you will be able to find almost everything you ever wanted to know about these heavenly hosts. All forms of these mystical beings come together to share their wisdom with those who will listen.

Table of Contents

1). Ranks of Angels

2). Earth Angels

3). Angels of Time and Astrology

4). Angels of the Planets

5). Fallen Angels

6). Literature and Angels

7). Angel Films

8). Books about Angels

9). Angel Food Cake recipe

10). Rings, Circles and Lines

11). Awards for Meggan's Angels Page

12). Links!

13). How did I gather so much information about Angels?

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