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Welcome to J. Peter Haliburton's WWW home page.
It is kind of a mess here now, but I hope to fix things up over the next little while.
This website is always in need of a lot of work!

Click for tourism information. This home page was created mainly to make information about my branch of the Haliburton family tree available to other researchers, but it should have points of interest for others as well. For example, I play guitar and enjoy sci-fi and sailing, so there are links to related sites.

I own my own business, Haliburton Enterprises, from which I do boat sales, websites, desktop publishing, consulting, and so on. If you are interested in boating, click here. I am available to crew! Looking for the perfect gift? Check out Peter's Virtual General Store - my little shop on the web.

Portion of a song I wrote - as recorded by Wayne Leyden. More on the music page.
 ©1984 J. Peter Haliburton
Social Anxiety Disorder
Don't like talking to strangers? Stay in a lot? Afraid of the telephone? Don't like shopping or banking? Read this!
Know of a job opening? See my personal resume. I have training and experience in many areas.
Looking for boat crew or need a delivery done? Check out my boating resume.
Humour: You may be a Newfie Jedi if, The Truth

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The best Sci-Fi on TV today - Stargate SG-1

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Nearly 10 years on Geocities!!