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[a continuous (thermal) spectrum, AKA rainbow line!]

Old Intro: The best figures in the Study Guides are in the "Chapters 19 - 26" guide -- that is what the guides will all eventually look like. The title of the course I taught in 1995/96 was: Introduction to Astronomy, Physics 129 and 130, at The College of Charleston. Text was Mike Seeds' book, "Foundations of Astronomy" 1994 Edition. I've written study guides (see below) for the entire text, and updated them this fall (1996) for Wadsworth Publishing's Seeds text (1997) website, which opened at the end of September. They are listed below by the range of chapters covered, and usually allow for four-or-more weeks' worth of material between tests. Equations are all on one line, and square roots are handled as (expression)1/2. Figures are still being added, where appropriate. Watch this space! Comments are welcome.[-HLP]

Link to Astronomy 110 website (currently just HW 1 and 2 and a syllabus)

Other Astro Teaching Resources

There are a great many excellent Astronomy teaching resources already out there, so in a list below are a few links to that stuff.

The University of Washington, as usual, has an incredibly nifty online Hubble Lab, with S/W that reads cursor positions on digitized galaxy images from the POSS and a large collection of spectra for the sample galaxies. Give it a try! (Warning: images take some time to load, and are essential to the lab: use a fast machine)

Mount Wilson Observatory has a useful service that generates observing charts in postscript format, called StarMap. You'll need some positional information as input.

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