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Hans' Ami6 1962

  • This is my AMI6 Berline Grand Comfort 1962.
  • The car was built in the Citroën plant in Vorst (near Bruxelles), Belgium.
  • The colors Jaune Pamplemousse and Noir for the roof are original.
  • I bought the car in 1983 from Julien Vlaminck and imported it in Nederland, and got the licence plate PZ-85-LY in 1986.
  • during the Citroën Summer Party in 1992 it completed the 100.000 km.
  • Right now is' under reconstruction, the engine is now adjusted for unleaded fuel.


Ami6 at the garage
part of a drawing from the 2CV Magazine (France, February 1998)

Ami6 drawing

  • The AMI6 was in production from April 1961 until March 1969, the Break version was introduced at the Paris Motor Show and was in production until July 1971, a total number of 1.039.384 Ami6's are built.
  • The Citroën factory in Rennes (Bretagne, France)was built especially for the production of the AMI6, in the factory in Vorst in Belgium the AMI6 was assembled for the Benelux market.
  • The 1961 AMI6 model had the first 602 cc. air-cooled flattwin engine, with 20 bhp at 4.500 rpm., the French fiscale rating was 3CV; it had a 4-speed gearbox; 105 km/hour (65 mph); 6 litres/100 km. (1:16,6)(47 mpg).
  • In 1965 the AMI6 was the no.1 sold car in France.

Ami8 drawing

  • The AMI8 replaced the AMI6 in March 1969, it was redesigned, had simplified and smoother bodywork and better visibility, also the "ugly" rear window of the AMI6 had disappeared.
  • 755.955 AMI8's are built until June 1978, of the Berline and Break version together.
  • The 1969 AMI8 had a 602 cc. engine with 32 bhp at 5.750 rpm; 123 km/hour (76 mph); 5,5 litres/100 km. (1:18)(51 mpg).

Ami Vereniging Nederland

Ami6 bull's eye
Ami6 pictures from the ICCCR in Clermont Ferrand 1996

ami6 leftami6 right

Votre Ami6 Citroën (Your Ami6)

Votre Ami6 - technical guide in French

  • a technical and practical guide for the maintenance of the AMI6.
  • it was sold in France in the sixties in the bookstores.
  • I bought the book second hand at the ICCCR at the Loreley, Germany 1987 (you can find a picture of my car, with the licence plate PZ-85-LY, in the official book of the ICCCR, it has a big Canadian canou on the roof).

  • ami6ami6 ami6
    Ami6 in winter times
    A VIEW IN HISTORY (a little story from the CCNL-clubmagazine 't2PKtje):

    In the early sixties the strange carbuilder Citroën had 3 extraordinaire looking cars in production: the 2CV, the DS and the square HY-van. To fill the gap between the "duck" and the "goddess" they introduced a fourth: the AMI6. This was technically based upon the 2 cilinder 2CV and it's outlook was dominated by the extraordinary lookung "rainfree" rear window. With the AMI6 the French carmaker had a car which was attractive to the biggest group of customers. In the 19 years that the AMI6 (and 8) was delivered in Nederland, Citroën sold 44.000 of them. The top-year was 1969 with 4.178 Ami's.

    ami6 rightami6 left

    Ami6 front sight

    Are you an AMI6 owner?

    And do you want to be listed on the "secret" AMI6 owners list? You will get access to it and can then contact other AMI6 owners! Please send me an e-mail with your name, city & country, info about your AMI6 an preferably a digital picture of your car.


    ton's ami6

    click here for the big picture of Ton Verhees' Ami6

    AMI6 Postcard
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    Jeroen's Ami6

    click here for the big picture of Jeroen's Ami6



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    from: Revue Technique, September 1961
    scanned by: Mark Blok (thanks)


    Ami6 Market

    • April 2, 1998. Wanted: new floor panels and sills for Ami6 break 1968; Vidar Jenssen, Trondheim, Norway,
    • GENERATION 2CV! Ami6 advertisements
    • July 21, 1997. For sale: Ami 6 wagon (break), beige ; year 1968 ; Price expectation : about 400£ ; Mileage : 75.000 miles but the motor has been changed three years ago; The chassis is a little beat rusty, but the body is quite in good conditions ; The exhaust pipe is new an the interior is kleen. My telefon number is : +33 (0), Jacques Paquier,


    Asko's Ami6

    click here for the big picture of Asko Henriksson's Ami6

    Ami6 break
    pictures of all the different AMI's in AMI etc.  (part of CitCity)

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