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Hi! Welcome to my home page. Here, you can find out all about the following things:

Find out about my music interests, loads of groups, and music on the Net.
Find out about my favourite games, all about Quake, how to play multiplayer games over the Net, and use my links to loads of other great gaming sites! Plus a feature on the newest games site, e-on!
All I can think of about TV here in the UK, a ridiculous number of links to TV-related stuff, and a lot more exciting stuff! Now includes UK Satellite World!
A pretty general page, with lots of different links to fun places!
Here's where to find everything that's new on my site (oh so many things!).

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My holiday in Canada

Find out all about my holiday in Canada, including Vancouver, and Jasper + Banff National Parks in the Rockies!

The Worldwide Mosquito Page!

Click here!

Find out all about PGP, how to install it on Windows95, and how it could change your life!

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If you're thinking of adding a 2nd hard drive to your system, it may not be as easy as you think - as I recently found out! Read my step-by-step guide.

The Spice Girls Page!

My own little tribute to the Spice Girls - includes pictures, sounds + links!

GB Flag This site is UK-enhanced (it's where I live)! Click to see a few UK links.

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* I've now got rid of my automatic welcome sound, because a couple of people seemed to have problems with it, but if you want to hear it click. It's a most enthralling 11K of SunAudio, edited by me from Captain Janeway's opening words in Star Trek : Voyager (or official site), that superb show.

*I'm now famous! My name has been read out on Radio1 by Mark Lamarr! To hear this and be very excited, click here.

By the way, be sure to visit the Worldwide Mosquito Page - it's an experience not worth missing!

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