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I am currently developing this page, to inform the world how to make the perfect bar of soap. I started making soap when I was a high fashion model, traveling the world as a "Ford" model. I became tired of the industry lying to the public. I never used all those expensive skin care products that I advertised on the cover of magazines. The most important part of "skin care" and obtaining a perfect complextion, is plain old fashioned soap and water. Did you know the industry removes all the natural glyceryn in soap, and adds chemicals to mimic the softening effects, and then turns around and puts that same glyceryn into creams and lotions, so you can purchase the same product twice. WHAT A RIP OFF !!! I encourage you to visit my link to my Soap site, untill this page is finished.

It's A Clean Habit

Here are some links to some of my favorite sites, that have to do with the history of soap. I feel its important for you to learn the history on a craft before you get into building a craft. By knowing how soap was created, and the history of it, you will have a better feel of how to formulate your own recipies.

History of soap

A good history of soap

Earliest uses of soap

The Origin of Soap, Chapter I

Soap History 13-18th Century

The Origin of Soap, Chapter II

Soap in early America

The Origin of Soap, Chapter III

Soap market becomes competative

The Origin of Soap, Chapter IV

Soap Making, Today vs Pioneer Times

An interesting comparison of soap making and usage today with pioneer times

The best soap history on the web

A comprehensive history of soapmaking from ancient times to present.

Soapmaking the way we used to do it

A first hand account of pioneer soap making

OK, now that you have studied "the complete history of soap" I will now link you to some of the most comprehensive soap sites out there, for you to study, and experiment in soap making. Please follow all the safety instructions on these sites. Soap is made daily without mishap, but if you are not carefull in its process, you can end up with some pretty serious burns. I usually cure my soap for a minumum of 2 months. Some soap makers only cure theirs for 1 month, but I feel the ph has not dropped enough in that time, and the bars don't last as long. So have fun, read up on these links, and most important of them all HAPPY SOAPING!!

General Aromatherapy Information

Information on Aromatherapy in general

Soap Making In 7 Steps

Very basic instructions in 7 steps

Basic Instructions for Making Soap

Very detailed instructions spread over multiple pages

Blender Soap (Experienced soapers only)

Speed up your soap making technique. Recommended for experienced soap makers only

Condensed soap making directions

Basic soapmaking instructions, includes eleven recipies and safety information.

Elaines Lye/Fat Chart

Use this chart to simplify calculating Lye usage when creating your own soap recipies.

Essential Oil Guidelines

Information and safety precautions for using Essential Oils

Essential Oil Safety

Some safety tips for using essential oils

Fragrance Calculator

Use this handy on-line form for fragrance calculations

How to make soap base

Basic instructions for making your own soap base

Lye Calculator

Online Lye Calculator

Lye to fat ratio table

A saponification table

Making Soap At Home

Very basic soap recipie with instruction

Making Tallow For Soap

Instructions for rendering fat

Online weight conversion calculator

Measures Conversion Calculator

Notes on Soapmaking

General soapmaking tips

A table on properties of different oils

Preparing Fat

Instructions for rendering fat

Rebatching Soap

How to salvage seperated soap

Reclaiming Soap

How to reclaim soap that has seperated

Rendering Fat

Two ways to render fat

Simple Tallow Soap

Instructions & Recipie for Simple Soap

So You Want To Make Soap?

A Good Beginners Guide

Soap Cooking

A guide to cooking soap

Soapmaking General Instructions

A guide to getting started in soapmaking

Traditional Soapmaking

How to make soap from wood ashes

Wood Ash Lye

Instructions on how to make your own wood ash lye

Now that you have looked at some sites on soapmaking, please link to the Recipies page below

Soap Recipies

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