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Bad Bob - The Uncivil Civil

Nubie to HTML & Master of Overconfidence

(Page under construction)
This page may be changed to the "Save the Chicken" page

I plan to have Autocad and Civil Engineering/Surveying stuff here. This page was started in November 1996. I started HTML in Nov. 1996. I have been overconfident most of my life. This is probably the wrong place for this stuff. (The "Save the Chicken" page is sounding better & better!)I have not more than touched it since

I and (remote possibility) anyone else have looked at my own page. :
I hope the number showed up. Sometimes it does not work.

Thank You Phyllis.

AutoCAD Shareware
The Cad Shack - AutoCAD
National Society of Prof. Eng.
Game Geni - Codes
Civil Engngineering Resources
Other Survey/Eng. Links
Land Surveyor Reference Page
Hunter Education Assn.
Missouri Board of Reg.
Privacy on the Internet
Missouri State Government



Missouri Association of Registered Land Surveyors (MARLS)

Well this is the Footer Text.
Hope I have not stuck my footer in my mouth.
Am I a computer geek yet?

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