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Almost a month after moving in to 1542, this site remains a chaotic mess. I stilldon't have much to offer, except a few jazz links and some other unrelated stuff. Here, as in my real life, I prefer to avoid any obvious 'theme' to build around. The result is generally an eclectic mess, and often results in a crash of one sort or another. But I've enjoyed brief blazes of glory at the apogee of my erratic trajectories. Maybe this sally onto the internet will be yet another....

For the benefit of my neighbors, mainly, I'll get to the jazz stuff first. I used to play the guitar, but for the last couple of years I've stuck exclusively to piano. I'm a blues/boogie based player, but I make a better jazz fan than a player. My favorites (whose styles I attempt to mimic) are Errol Garner, Nat King Cole, Jay McShann, and Fats Waller. I'm also keen on New Orleans music, particularly Allen Toussaint and Professor Longhair, and also Esquerita. The info on my pages is certainly not very exhaustive, but at least it fills a couple of glaring holes in the jazz resources available elsewhere on the internet.

Incidentally, if you're sketchy on who Icarus was, you can get the lowdown from some semi-literate academics, along with the Brueghel painting of Icarus' famous fall.

There are a whole host of organizations, journals, and people hiding behind the name "Icarus", my excite search engine results tell me. Most are corporate monikers or acronyms intended to sprinkle a bit of myth and romance onto smoking heaps of dry, monotonous technical twaddle. But I do urge you to take a peek at the site of Icarus Del Duca, a fellow geocities resident with an interesting perspective....

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