All the Color of Mardi Gras...

This page is continually under construction; though I only really have time to tinker with it occasionally.

Before you go, join in on some Carnival atmosphere! My Lady and I were married at the Metairie Cemetery, by the ghost of Marie Laveau, voudoun queen, so New Orleans holds a special place in our hearts.

You really can't talk about New Orleans and Vampires without mentioning Anne Rice, so here is the obligatory link (and a good one, at that).*grin*...

I've always been fascinated by the image of the Trickster in various mythologies, hence my nickname. I'd given some serious thought to putting together a page on the various faces of the Trickster, but Peter Michaels beat me to it! Check out his fabulous Fool's Paradise!

My research deals with environmental issues, particularly climate change politics and the Oceania region. Here are some selected links on those issues.

If you're not interested in that, here's the stuff I do for fun.


The Juggling Information Service : your one stop on the 'net for anything you can throw up!
The Front Range Juggling Club: the juggling club I used to practice with.
Get your supplies at Serious Juggling. If you're looking for books on juggling and its more esoteric variations, check out The Juggling Arts.
I'm a proud member of the International Jugglers Association, which has recently undergone a change in its Board of Directors in an effort to be more amenable to its "rank and file" like me. If you've ever been interested in joining, NOW is the time!


Check out Brad Burt's Magic Shop.


A red ball. Okay, I've started to mess with the game. Mostly the "Cadillac of Poker," Texas Hold 'Em. It's the game that determines the World Series of Poker Champion, and is one of the most addictive games in existence. Yes, if you've seen the movie "Rounders," you know the game, and there's a lot of it on television now, oddly enough. I've found a nice program for the Palm OS from Registration is only $8.95. It's not perfect, but it's a nice time waster.


A red ball. My favorite bar game. The best site for darts is Cyber/Darts


A red ball. The site Gambitsoft has a great selection of computer freeware and shareware programs.

A red ball.I'm also learning Shogi, a Japanese form of chess. Unlike Western chess, the game gets more complex as it progresses, because you can use a piece that you capture and "parachute" it onto the board. An introduction in English to this game can be found at Pieter Stouten's fantastic site.


A red ball. Okay, okay, sometimes even when I am relaxing, I still have my nose stuck in a book. Check out this Website devoted to one of my all-time favorite authors, Harlan Ellison.
A red ball.There are classic (or just plain old) books to be found at Project Gutenberg.
A red ball.Here are some, as yet unorganized, collection of quotes. Words to live, or laugh by.

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