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Jeeps Suck!

Jeeps Suck! Basically, thats it. I've owned 3 now and all have sucked. No matter how much they are hyped in magazines, no matter how much better they perform, no matter how much more capable they are supposed to be, they are still the most unreliable and problem-prone SUV in the class!

This site will be devoted to those who love the Jeep for all its features and capabilities, but don't know what to do about all the things that go wrong. A community for those of us suckered into buying 'the best' and end up frustrated with every mile.

Ok, by now I've pissed off the hordes of cult-like Jeep owners out there. I've seen you're web pages and message board postings about how great your Jeeps are. Well, my experience has been different. Its time someone presented observations about Jeep that you seem to miss.

Please view my anecdotes in the below categories and email me with your own. I will try to post your problems, experiences and solutions as I develop this site. Please note, that I am new to hosting a web page and it will be under construction for some time

Please email me with your thoughts or advice. I am trying to create a message board so that you can post your thoughts.
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 My New POS and the Repairs its needed so far

 My Beef with Jeep

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