Iron Range Fantasy Football
Commisioner Chris 'CJ' Johnson
Founded 1982

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This Weeks Playoff Games

Northern Division
Brandt vs Sully

Southern Division
Kearney vs Osborne


Money Won So Far
Division Champs Kearney and Sully  $152 each
Division Runnerups Vincent and Brandt $46 each
Most FFL  Points Kearney $92
Top QB  Kearney  $46  Peyton Manning  IND
Top RB   Kearney $46  Stephen Davis  WAS
Top WR  Brandt   $46  Marvin Harrison  IND
Top K     DJ          $46  Mike Vanderjagt  IND
Playoff Champ will receive $549
Playoff Runner-up  will receive $229
Playoff Third Place will receive $76

Total Prize Fund  $1526

If Kevin wins any more he may be able to retire if his Dad could invest it for him.  We don't have to worry because the poor guy will never have a season like this again.  Next year he will return to his status as IRFFL Doormat.

Final standings are up.  All results are in as well as Final Stat Leaders.

Countdown Until The Vikes Win the Super Bowl!!!