My name is Kimberly Stewart, though my closest friends call me 'Kimmers'. Welcome all to my personal pages. As the wife of an Army Military Policeman, I find myself with alot of time on my hands. So I took up playing with web design. And in a year this is how far I've come.

Now this isn't my only hobby. In fact, my pages reflect my most favorite hobbies: My son James, My Fan Club 'DesertWinds', and drawing.

So sit back and relax and enjoy:

The J- files: A page all about my favorite little Man. He's probebly one of the best things to come into my life, so I want to share him with you all.

Wedding: Everyone hopes for the wedding of thier dreams. Well, mine was far from that.. Includes a humourus poem, by my wonderfully talented Daddy, titled 'Twas the Night of My Wedding'.

Families of UDT/SEALS: Another page of mine dedicated to the families of these elite teams. They suffer just as much as their Military releative does.

DesertWinds Holt HomePage: My home away from home. A place based on the comics by Wendy and Richard Pini. It's also a place for people to express their creative sides. Make sure you visit our on line Fanzine "The Winds Voice."

Art Collection: I love to draw. In fact it often got me in trouble when I was in school. This is some of the stuff I did in my spare time.

MyAdoptedPets!:Click Here and see the pets I have adopted. Glitter's adopted sibs "Sleepy and Patches" are on the page. Go see them.

Glitter is from DownLoadable Dragons!

Coming Soon!

JAZ Genetics Labs

My very own cyperpets adoptions....