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"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside!........ Come inside the show's about to start. Guaranteed to blow your head apart......" words by Emerson,Lake & Palmer

Update - I have received all but one box of Shadow Expansion CCG cards. The rare pages are all set to go, with my needs/extras posted. I am still sorting through the uncommon and common cards, but hope to have them done by the end of the weekend. Take a look at the rare pages and let me know if you need anything. As Mr. Morden would say, ' What do you want?'

Well, I just got back from the Babylon 5 Experience in Chicago. As always, Pat Tallman was a beautiful, classy lady. The first of the photos is now on-line. I have more to scan, so stay tuned for further updates.

Walter Koenig and Stephen Furst were in Champaign, Il Feb. 14 & 15 and I did attend. I got Walter to autograph my Starfury model so I am now the proud owner of a Bester Black Omega StarFury :-)

I just finished updating the Babylon 5 CCG rare and uncommon pages. I got another box of boosters, so the results are posted. If you are a collector of all things B5, as I am, please drop by and take a look. E-mail me if you want to trade. You will also notice that I have put counters on some of the pages. I have been spending a large amount of time keeping these pages up to date. I just wanted to see if my time could be better utilized somewhere else.

And now, on with the show.

Warning : Hearing protection required beyond this point !

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Here are some links to photos I took at Wolf 359 - The Alliance last summer. It ws one of the few times a convention had the entire cast in attendance. Those of us who were lucky enough to attend will never forget it. Also, autographed items obtained at various conventions.

Jerry Doyle - Blackpool JMS, John Copeland and Andreas Katsulas - Blackpool

Wayne Alexander and Bruce Boxleitner - Blackpool

Edinburgh Street Sign

TNT Card Set - 1st & 2nd

Kosh and Lyta

My Best Friend

Here is a link to my trading card pages. If you need anything, just fire off some e-mail and "Let's Make a Deal"!!

Trading Cards- Series 1, 2, Special Edition - counter added 4/26/98

Season 4 Trading Cards - counter added 4/26/98

Babylon 5 CCG Checklistcounter added 4/26/98

Babylon 5 CCG - Shadows Expansion Checklist

Babylon 5 Trading Card Value Guide

Babylon 5 CCG Value Guide - counter added 4/26/98

Here are some links to other collectors I have traded with in the past. I've decided to separate them into Babylon 5 Trading Card Collectors and Babylon 5 CCG collectors, although there may be some overlap in the two areas.

Babylon 5 Trading Card Collectors

Rob Hoover

Ken Buzzard

Kent Culberson

Babylon 5 CCG Card Collectors

Sharon Walcott

Steve Francisco

Steve Kokkinos

Lars Haugseth - B5CCG Trading List

James Bell's B5 Trading List

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